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Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress is a new generation platform designed and dedicated specifically to hosting WordPress sites. It offers a number of prepackaged topologies of varying complexity (from single-container solutions to clusters), which covers all the range of use cases (from small testing installation to the enterprise-level clusters).

You can choose between NGINX and LiteSpeed, with or without WooCommerce plugin.

In simple words ... it's a special kind of virtual server (or servers) dedicated to hosting your Wordpress site. It can be automatically scaled vertically (by adding more CPU/RAM) or horizontally (by adding more servers) so your hardware will dynamically adapt to periods of low and high traffic.

During high traffic, additional resources will be allocated to your server(s) to compensate for the increased load. Later on - when not needed - the resources would be reduced to lower the overall cost.

You can read more about Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress and signup for an account HERE.

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