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Your cloud shared hosting comes with a simple yet powerful anti-spam solution. It is activated on a per e-mail account basis:

1. Login to your control panel
2. Click on "Mail" in left hand menu.
3. Click on the e-mail address.
4. Spam Filter tab is the one that you want.

Anti-Spam Setting Explained

- Mark spam messages by adding the following text to message subject

This is handy if you want to setup a filter to deal with your spam. Set some thing like **SPAM** and have your filter deal with it as you like.

- Delete all spam messages

No explanation needed.

- Move spam to the Spam folder

Any and all spam identified by system gets put in "Spam". This folder is created if you select this option.

- Filter sensitivity

Pretty well explained already on the page. Be sure to check this page as well for additional information on tweeking and training your spam filter:
Additional Anti-Spam Information

- Whitelist

Make sure you add trusted senders here so they don't mistakenly get caught in the spam filter.

- Blacklist

If you find there are certain domains managing to slip through the anti-spam add them to the blacklist.

Fluid Hosting Anti-Spam

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