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Follow the below steps to set up auto-responder / auto-reply

1. Login to your control panel
2. Go to Email
3. Select Email address
4. Select Auto-Reply tab
5. Check the Switch on auto-reply checkbox, and specify the following settings:

  • Auto-reply message subject
  • Message format, Select Plain text or HTML
  • Message text
  • Forward to, When the automatic response is sent, the original message will be forwarded to the specified email address.
  • Send an automatic response to a unique email address no more than (times a day), The default value is 1 time a day. If you receive several messages from one email address in same day, Plesk will send an automatic response only to the first message. If the value is "2", then Plesk will send an automatic response to the first and the second messages.
  • Switch off auto-reply on, Check this check box and specify a date if you want the automatic replying to stop on a specific date.
  • Click OK

To turn off automatic replying:

Clear the Switch on auto-reply checkbox and click OK

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