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Registering a domain at Fluid Hosting is quick and easy. Login to your client area and at bottom right you will see "Register a New Domain". After checking to make sure the domain is available you can go ahead, checkout, and claim your new domain.

Currently our domain pricing is as follows (1 year registration period):

.com price $11.95
.net $14.95
.biz $14.95
.blog $29.95
.bz $22.95
.ca $13.95
.cn $9.95 $39.95
.com $29.95
.eu $9.95
.in $10.95 $8.95
.inf0 $13.95
.live $21.95
.me $27.95
.mobi $19.95
.name $11.95
.pro $14.95
.tv $29.95
.uk $19.95
.us $8.95 $21.95
.website $19.95
.world $29.95
.ws $25.95
.cc price $17.00

Transfer and renewal costs are the same as the above prices.

Note: When you register a new domain it is not automatically added to your hosting control panel. You will need to add it as per this article, How To Add A New Domain to Plesk

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