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Transferring a domain into FluidHosting is handled by a Wizard that makes it quick and easy. Before you transfer you will need an EPP code, if you are transferring a domain from our old Registrars please open a support ticket requesting an EPP code for your domain(s). Once you have the code you go to Transfer In A Domain and the Wizard will walk you through the process (it is just a couple of steps.

Domain Configuration Page

You do not need to mark any of the three boxes such as DNS Management, Email Forwarding, or ID Protection unless you specifically want any of these. ID Protection masks your personal information from being publicly listed on your domain.


If you are on our shared hosting you enter:

Unless of course you know that you do not use our nameservers (3rd party).

If you are on a VPS then you would use:

Transfer Fee

When you transfer a domain it is renewed for one year and you are charged for this. That one year is added on top of any remaining time so you are not losing anything. For example if you just renewed your domain today and then transfer it, it would be two years before you need to renew again. If you run into any problems or have questions please do not hesitate to let our support know.

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