Weekly Special :: $50 for Elastic Wordpress Hosting

  • 17th April 2023
This week Fluid Hosting will give you $50 to spend on elastic Wordpress hosting. It's yours to spend it on anything from simple Nginx based VPS to a LiteSpeed ADC cluster with multiple Web servers, load balancer and MySQL (MariaDB) Galera cluster with Redis caching. Signup on the bottom of page. Spread the ...
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Weekly Special :: Wildcard SSL for $69.95

  • 10th April 2023
This week's special offer is Comodo Wildcard SSL for $69.95For a limited time, we can offer $50/year discount on Comodo Wildcard (* SSL certificate if pre-paid for 5 years. The regular price is $119.95/year and for our long-term customers, we can drop this down to $69.95/year ($349.75 for 5 years). This will save you $250 in next 5 ...
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Weekly Special :: Comodo SSL for $14.95

  • 3rd April 2023
We have a special offer - Comodo Positive SSL for $14.95. If you depend on your website generating leads and sales inquiries, your site needs to use the HTTPS protocol so users don’t freak out and abandon your site due to “non secure” warnings. For a limited time, we can offer $10/year discount on Positive SSL certificate if pre-paid for 5 ...
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